DE CASTRO & STASSE is a leading law firm specialized in criminal law, founded on 3rd July 2015 by François de CASTRO and Julia STASSE.

Before founding DE CASTRO & STASSE with Julia STASSE, François DE CASTRO had cofounded the TEMIME & ASSOCIES law firm in 2008, in which Julia STASSE was also a partner.

DE CASTRO & STASSE provide their clients with personalised legal assistance and support, putting multiple skills into practice:

  • expertise that places them among the best specialists in all fields of criminal law, notably economic and financial criminal law,
  • a comprehensive knowledge of company practice,
  • experience and management of major criminal cases of recent years.

DE CASTRO & STASSE also act in civil and commercial litigation. Based on the shared values of its founders, it provides a service to all company directors, no matter what size the company.

With a high reputation for their professionalism and with their shared ethical and professional values, François DE CASTRO and Julia STASSE put their skills at the service of their clients on a long-term basis.


  • Criminal business law
  • General criminal law
  • Criminal law on the stock exchange and finance
  • Criminal health law
  • Criminal law on unintentional offences
  • Criminal tax law
  • Criminal law on real estate and construction
  • Criminal labour law
  • Criminal law on discrimination
  • Criminal law on the environment
  • Consumer criminal law
  • Criminal law on the press and online reputation
  • Civil and commercial litigation
  • Management responsibility
  • Personal injury claims
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